Are We Developing Horns on the Back of our Heads because of Technology?

Are We Developing Horns on the Back of our Heads because of Technology?

According to recent research, prolonged periods of time spent in a forward head posture position causes permanent bone structure changes in the back of the skull. In the lengthy-term, sustained usage of these devices is linked to a greater probability of developing this condition. Researchers suggest that extended time spent on technology gadgets like smartphones and computers is responsible for the increased number of forward head posture cases we see everyday at Functional Wellness Center in Scottsdale Arizona.
This study evaluated x-ray findings from 1200 individuals ranging in age from 18 to 86 years old. The researchers refer to the tiny bump on the back of the head as an External Occipital Protuberance (EOP). The EOP is reinforced by a ligament and muscle, which are attached to it. Researchers discovered that in younger adults with more forward head posture, an extra little bony growth was observed at a higher rate. The little horn-like development may have been caused by an increase in muscular, tendon, and ligament strain in that region as a result of forward head posture. Bony deposits form inside the body as a defensive reaction to stress levels that build up over time in ligaments, muscles, and tendons.

The growing popularity of tablets, smartphones, and other digital gadgets has resulted in increased amount of time spent gazing ahead or down at devices. To relieve the extra weight and strain being placed on the back of the head and neck, an adaptive mechanism takes place within the body. The head is held up by the muscles at the back of the skull as the neck muscles work to keep it from falling toward the chest.

When the head is flexed more frequently, spine weight is added to a greater extent. A 0° interval yields a measurable head weight of 10 to 12 pounds on the neck. The neck’s weight increases by 17 pounds for every 15° increment in forward head posture. Every 30° raises the head adds 20 pounds to the neck. A 45° interval adds 49 pounds to the weight on the neck. A 60° interval adds 60 pounds to the weight on the neck.

Forward head posture has a number of negative consequences, the most significant being strain on the neck and skull. Commentary focuses on the shocking presence of the bone spur but the protrusion registers as the smallest of concerns. Improper head and neck alignment suggest disorders in the nervous system with long-term detrimental effects on a person’s general health, function, and performance. These patients commonly have not only structural issues but also issues associated with the nerves that exit the spinal column at the specific levels where the tension and pressure is increased and degeneration and damage is occurring at a rapid rate. We commonly see these patients experience symptoms such as migraine headaches, anxiety, digestive issues, just to name a few.

The formation of bone spurs takes a long time to occur. During the early years of life, individuals who have EOP spurs applied stress and strain to their head and neck region. The length of time it takes for a bone spur to develop suggests that improved posture and head positioning might prevent additional symptoms and allow for recovery. Chiropractic care aids in the reduction of stress and improper spinal alignment, which contribute to disease, suffering, and long-term health problems. People are still being warned about the hazards of overusing technological gadgets as they relate to brain, neck, and spine damage.

Chiropractic is used to treat and prevent problems in the neck, spine, and nervous system caused by forward head posture. Chiropractic treatment helps to reduce the damaging effects of forward head posture while also providing instruction and care strategies for maintaining good health and function of the neck, spine, and nervous system. At Functional Wellness Center in Scottsdale Arizona, we take chiropractic care to a whole other level by utilizing a specialized technique called Chiropractic Biophysics which gives the doctors the tools and knowledge to not only treat the symptoms but to correct the cause which is the forward collapsing of the spinal column in the cervical region. We have different traction devices that allow us to put the patient in the mirror image position and achieve permanent results. These results include restoring the proper neck curvature which in turn takes the pressure off of the spine and the nerves that exit the spine. So, if you would like to learn more on what we do please give us a call at 480-462-5437 or feel free to check out our website and see for yourself how we are very unique and different from most other chiropractic offices out there.

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