Benefits of Exercise and Immune Health

Benefits of Exercise and Immune Health | Chiropractor in Scottsdale AZ
Scottsdale residents need improve your immune health now. Because of this crazy time we are living in right at the moment it has caused our lives to change overnight. Gyms are closed and people are staying inside as much as possible trying to isolate themselves from the rest of society, and when this happens most of us tend to vary from our typical routine. Our diet and exercise routines tend to take a back seat and a lot of unhealthy habits can quickly become the new normal. This new normal will wreak havoc on your immune system leaving you susceptible to getting sick.

So what do I mean by unhealthy habits? Our Scottsdale chiropractic office can help you.

Exercise for your health

Sitting stationary for hours watching TV, or looking down at our electronic devices for god knows how long, and the next thing you know you’re looking for a quick unhealthy snack. These terrible habits can quickly cause havoc on your health and well being. Some things your body starts to experience are increased levels of cortisol (stress hormone).

When these levels rise in your body your sleep starts to suffer which leads to things like brain fog, anxiety, depression, and a compromised immune system. To help combat the effects of increased Cortisol levels you can start by doing some simple exercises. These exercises will help boost your immune function, mentally de-stress your mind and help put you on a healthier path overall. I have listed a few below:

  • Cardio

Just getting up and moving for a minimum of 20-40 minutes per day will help tremendously decrease your Cortisol levels. Start with slow walks and work your way up slowly. Before you know it you will be walking at a brisk pace and may even contemplate adding jogging to your routine. If you want work up to jogging there are excellent free apps you can get on your phone that will help you with your journey.

One that we have used is called (Couch to 5K) and this app with help guide you slowly to working your way up to be able to run a 5K within a short period. In times like these this would be a great goal for all of us. One of the benefits of any type of cardio is working your heart muscle and increasing your oxygen levels.

Your heart is a very important muscle and needs to be exercised just like any other muscle. By getting your heart rate up this will help increase your circulation and help your body to detoxify all of the bad things that come from an unhealthy lifestyle. A great thing with cardio exercise is that you can easily change up your scenery especially here in Arizona where there are so many hiking trails and paths close by no matter where you are located.

  • Strength Training

    So here we’re talking about building muscle using things like free weights, resistance bands, kettle bells, etc. Building and maintaining a good muscle base is beneficial in so many ways. By having a good base of muscle on your body you are able to burn more fat and calories throughout the day which will give you a long lasting benefit.

When we reach our 30’s in age our body’s production a Growth Hormone decreases so it can become more difficult to gain or maintain muscle. When you lift weights you help tremendously with maintaining proper bone density which can become an issue with aging especially with women. When your bone density decreases you are more prone to fractures and your body’s ability to heal those fractures decreases so you want to make sure that you have some sort of strength training routine in your schedule.

Another advantage to strength training is making sure you activate your core muscles when performing your different exercises. Having good core strength helps your body to maintain a good posture and promotes a healthy spine. Having a healthy spine is essential to you maintaining your overall health.

  • HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

    This combines both of the above types of workouts into one. Because of this, these types of workouts are one of the best types that you can do. They involve high intensity moves for shorter periods of time. They get your heart rate up fast for short bursts which some say is the best way to exercise your heart.

These are good for people that have limited time to work out and want to get as much benefit as they can with their limited time. When doing workouts like this you want to make sure that you use proper form. The chances of injury will increase with poor form and any type of injury could put you out of commission for some time.

  • Yoga

    This is great for an overall workout and keeping you flexible. Flexibility is a major component to your overall health and well being. It allows your blood to flow better and your muscles to relax. Yoga is a great exercise to add to your weekly routine especially on the days that you need a break from more intense styles of workouts such as HIIT style workouts. Yoga helps to sculpt muscles and improve strength. There are many different levels and types of Yoga to fit different people’s needs and wants. Make sure you find out which style and type works best for you.

With all of these different types of exercises, you want to do a proper warm up and make sure that you stretch afterwards. This will help prevent injury and decrease your chances of soreness.

If you feel your body start to plateau make sure you change up your routine to keep your body guessing. Most of all have fun and stay hydrated and eat a healthy diet consisting of lean meats and organic vegetables, and remember that exercise boosts your immune system and helps your body function at an optimal level.

Feel free to contact our chiropractic team at Functional Wellness Center with any questions you have.

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