Chiropractic Care for a Sedentary Lifestyle: How to Neutralize the Negative Consequences

Chiropractic Care for a Sedentary Lifestyle: How to Neutralize the Negative Consequences?

We spend a significant amount of time sitting each day as a society. A person can spend anywhere from 8 to 16 hours each day sitting during their working and leisure time which includes staring at our cell phones for hours at a time while looking down. This is not a good thing for our health. When you suffer from spinal pain, it can have a serious impact on your quality of life. We all know that we need to be active in order to live a healthy lifestyle, but the repercussions can go beyond that when they begin to severely affect our quality of life.

The Negative Health Effects of Sitting for Long Periods

Sedentary behavior has a negative influence on nearly every element of our health to some degree. The following are some of the harmful consequences caused by a sedentary lifestyle:

  • Chronic diseases, such as heart disease and diabetes, have a considerably higher chance of occurring.
  • Obesity places a strain on our organs and joints.
  • With an increased risk of osteoporosis, there are also negative effects on your bones.
  • There is an increased chance of anxiety and sadness due to the stress.
  • Cancer risk is increased- particularly of the colon and breast.
  • Chronic pain has begun to develop.
  • Inadequate flexibility
  • Reduced metabolism
  • Spine misalignments

Chiropractic Care Can Assist in a Variety of Ways

Chiropractors are specialists in the field of spine health. When we sit for lengthy periods at our computers or recline into a sofa, our spines are put in danger. When our bodies become weary from remaining in one position for too long, we adopt a poor posture that has a variety of negative health effects. Chronic spine misalignment can result from poor posture. If you are in an incorrect posture for 10-15 minutes your spine actually starts to form to that posture and that’s when damage starts to occur at a very rapid rate.

Too much sitting can cause major spinal misalignments that are difficult to detect without the aid of an expert like the doctors at Functional Wellness Center in Scottsdale Arizona. Spinal misalignments, will have a detrimental influence on one’s health due to its effect on neural integrity and flow. Fortunately, when this underlying problem is addressed correctly, it may unleash your body’s full potential. When the spine is in the proper alignment and position your nervous system will operate at 100% with no nerve interference.

The first step is to make sure your spine is properly aligned

The Chiropractors at Functional Wellness Center in Scottsdale Arizona can assist you in the next stages of preventing the health consequences of a sedentary lifestyle after your spine has been properly aligned. These Chiropractors are open-minded, seeking to understand your concerns and address them in a way that works for you. They’ll make suggestions based on your unique requirements as well as possibly providing specific mirror image exercises that are based on your particular needs, regular adjustments, education, and more. The ultimate objective is to assist you in managing your entire health holistically. You should feel more energized and driven to include more activity and movement into your daily routine when your spine is properly aligned.

The absolute experts in spine alignment are chiropractors certified in Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP) like the ones at Functional Wellness Center. They’re taught to work methodically and non-invasively to improve your spine health for long-term results. The Chiropractors at Functional Wellness Center are experts in CBP so it’s definitely worth giving them a call to see how they can help you feel your best.

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