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Low Back PainMore and more people are experiencing severe low back pain than ever before. Here at the Functional Wellness Center in Scottsdale Arizona we see and treat thousands of people per year for this type of pain. Unfortunately, because of all of the crazy stuff going on in the world right now and so many people working from home and not getting the proper amount of exercise we have seen an increase in people coming into our office with the complaint of low back pain.

When you come into our office for a new patient appointment you will receive a consultation, examination, and the necessary x-rays that will allow the doctor to give you the proper recommendations that will not only get you out of pain but also get to the core of the problem and give you the proper treatment to make sure that this pain does not come back or continue to get worse over time. Some of the common things that we see in our office in Scottsdale, Arizona are low back disc bulges or herniations.

When patients come in with these particular issues they are typically in a lot of pain and are not able to sit down for long periods. They are typically leaning one way or the other as a natural reaction to try to keep pressure off the nerve that is being affected at that time. They also are usually experiencing some sort of radiating pain and or numbness/tingling that goes down the leg and into the foot, depending on the location of the disc problem and the severity of the disc bulge or herniation.

Another symptom that they might experience is swelling and heat coming from the area. We commonly call this a “hot low back” because you can feel the heat coming off of the area. This is a prime indicator that this is disc issue and that the area of the body is extremely inflamed which also causes increased pressure to the area leading to even more pain and discomfort. So now that we have addressed the symptoms let’s discuss what can be done if this happens to you or someone that you care about. Here at the Functional Wellness Center in Scottsdale Arizona we specialize in a technique called Chiropractic Biophysics.

This technique allows us to analyze the low back correctly and provide any spinal traction that might be needed to correct the curvature of the low back if needed thus taking pressure off of the low back and allowing the discs to heal which takes the pressure off of the nerves and corrects any symptoms that the patient may be experiencing. We also have a spinal decompression table called the DOC decompression table. This table allows us to target the specific area of your spine that is causing you issues.

To give you an analogy your discs are like marshmallows, and when you compress a marshmallow with your hands it both decreases in height and bulges out on all sides, eventually the disc will rupture (herniate) because of the immense pressure that it is under. This table gently stretches the spine thus pumping the discs and relieving the pressure letting the disc rehydrate and heal properly. When you are lying on this table you are in a relaxed position and are not in any discomfort. We typically see patients have to utilize this table an average of 10 times to receive the maximum benefit combined with all of the other treatments performed in our office.

Another unique tool we have to help get someone out of pain quickly is called the Well Wave machine. This machine utilizes a high-pressure sound wave known as a shock wave to decrease inflammation and create a healing response that allows the body to heal at a faster pace. If your low back pain is not being caused by a disc issue, rather it is being cause because of a misalignment of the spine known as a spinal subluxation we have a few different ways to treat that issue as well.

We have an instrument called the Arthrostim that provides a controlled impulse to the specific area of the spine that the doctor wants to concentrate on and provides motion to those misaligned or fixated joints. The doctor will also perform a manual adjustment with their hands to the specific area to correct any spinal subluxations, which is the traditional way chiropractors have always treated any spinal issues. Our doctors at the Functional Wellness Center in Scottsdale Arizona also use specialized adjusting tables that have drop pieces that allow for a less aggressive approach to adjusting the low back.

So, if you have any questions or know someone that is suffering with chronic or acute low back pain have them give us a call at 480-874-3000 and we would be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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