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For many Scottsdale residents, chiropractic care is something that’s considered only at time of pain or discomfort. Usually after an auto accident, a nagging sports injury, or as a last resort prior to spine or back surgery.

If you ask any chiropractor, they tell you that chiropractic care is more than just pain relief. True, adjusting the spine alleviates back pain, neck pain, joint pain, and headaches almost instantaneously. But more importantly, chiropractic care recharges the nervous system, and allows nerve energy to flow freely to the vital organs and limbs for maximum function.

However, Drs Andrew and Sarah Kellogg are the only Scottsdale chiropractors who have been trained in Chiropractic BioPhysics, and one of only a handful in the state of Arizona. CBP is the most advanced corrective chiropractic technique in the world. It is the most published, the most researched, and the most scientific approach to correcting spinal misalignments, restoring posture, and alleviating nagging back pain, neck pain, migraines, and headaches from its source.

Why Use Chiropractic BioPhysics?

Unlike regular chiropractic care that aims to address short term back and neck pain relief, corrective chiropractic care looks at the overall structure of the spine. And by finding and correcting “global” misalignments – where several vertebra tend to shift our of alignment – doctors specializing in CBP are able to get their patients long-term pain and symptom relief.

More than half of all Americans have experienced some type of back pain or neck pain in their lives. Whether it’s through trauma, work environment, sports or auto injuries, and even poor postural habits.

And with the gradual shift to virtual offices, virtual schools, and virtual events, more and more people will be hunched over in front of their laptops, or mobile devices. What’s worse, is that binge watching Netflix or Hulu shows, forces people to sit or lay down in the same position – usually poor ergonomics – for hours on end. These habits reshape the spine out of alignment, or exacerbates hidden or dormant injuries.

At this point, traditional chiropractic care is only able to alleviate pressure from the nerves for a few minutes, an hour… perhaps a day or two. But the spine will pop back into its new “normal position” – which is a skewed one.

Corrective chiropractic care chiropractors on the other hand – like Drs Andrew and Sarah Kellogg of Functional Wellness Center in Scottsdale – utilize postural software and x-rays of the spine and measure distortions and misalignments. Then, through non-invasive, and painless procedures, such spinal adjustments, traction, and mirror-image exercises, rehabilitate the spine back to its “normal” shape.

Spinal rehabilitation through the CBP technique can take anywhere between 3 months and 12 months – depending on the severity of the problem. Remember, it took you years and years to get your spine out of alignment, so it will take some time to restore it back to its ideal shape.

The benefits of a “correct spine”, or one that is globally realigned is the difference between night and day.

Can Chiropractic Care Really Change Your Life?

For starters, patients who have been suffering with back pain, neck pain, migraines, headaches, fatigue, and joint pain see an immediate relief in pain, as well as a sudden decrease in occurrence of symptoms.

In a few short weeks, there are other health benefits that patients start to notice. For example, many Scottsdale residents report uninterrupted sleep for the first time in years. Others report that their acid reflux issues have subsided dramatically, and they no longer have the need for antacids or over the counter pills.

Other Scottsdale residents have seen a sudden change in their migraine attacks… in that they no longer experience them. While others say that for the first time in years, they are able to take a deep breath in, or walk upstairs without joint pain.

The reason for this sudden positive shift in health is also attributed to corrective chiropractic care. And here’s why… the brain sends vital nerve energy down the spine and into every organ and limb in the human body. The energy from the brain is responsible for every function of the body. From breathing, blinking, and walking, to the digestive system, cardiovascular system, and even immune system.

Corrective chiropractic care removes physical interferences in the communication process between the brain and body, allowing the healing forces to return to your body and fix it.

Drs Andrew and Sarah Kellogg are passionate about chiropractic care and the healing effects of it on the human body. They personally get adjusted, put themselves through traction, and perform a wide range of in-home exercises to ensure their posture and health is at its absolute best.

Get Help from a Professional

If you or a loved one in the Scottsdale Arizona area are needlessly suffering from back pain, neck pain, headaches, migraines, joint pain, or fatigue, and have tried chiropractic care only to enjoy short-term relief, it’s time to contact Functional Wellness Center.

Drs Andrew and Sarah Kellogg begin with a thorough chiropractic and neurological exam, then further their findings through digital x-rays and / or postural analysis software. Finally, they’ll create a custom program that may include chiropractic mirror-image adjustments, traction, and exercises, as well as spinal decompression.

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