Stay Healthy During COVID-19

Stay Healthy During COVID-19 | Chiropractor in Scottsdale AZ
How do Scottsdale residents stay healthy during these times of uncertainty? Everyone seems to be more stressed out. These types of emotions can cause the body to go into a stress mode.When the body is stressed it releases a stress hormone called cortsiol. Cortsiol is a steroid hormone that when released by the body can cause an array of different symptoms. This hormone can cause you to not sleep well, wake up in the middle of the night and not be able to fall back asleep. Some other side effects of increased Cortsiol levels in the body include rapid heart rate, elevation in blood pressure, and can cause an increase in anxiety and the feeling overwhelmed. Your body does not operate well when stressed which in turn will decrease the functioning of your immune system, and this will eventually cause you to be sick.

Increase Your Vitamins and Minerals

So you may ask, “What can I do about this”. Here are a few things that Scottsdale residents can do to stay healthy and specifically our immune systems operating at their optimal levels. We recommend a foundational dietary plan that emphasizes micronutrients essential to optimal immune system function. The first is to increase our intake of quality vitamins and minerals. These include increasing your intake of the following nutrients:

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps protect your body from harmful free radical molecules that can cause the body oxidative stress. This type of stress (oxidative) is linked to many different health concerns and chronic illnesses. You can find Vitamin C in many different foods such as- oranges, papayas, strawberries, kiwi, organic leafy green vegetables (spinach, bok choy, kale) broccoli, and bell peppers. We recommend that you find a good Vitamin C supplement. You want to make sure that you purchase the Buffered form of Vitamin C when you chose one. The Buffered form of Vitamin C has a higher absorption rate and is easier on your digestion. By keeping up with your Vitamin C intake research shows that you can help prevent issues with blood pressure, heart disease, gout, and maintain brain health.

Vitamin D is great for so many different things. Most people associate Vitamin D with bone health and the absorption of Calcium and Phosphorus but it plays an important role in keeping you immune system strong and healthy. The amount of Vitamin D you should take depends on many different factors such as where you live (sunny climate) and how much sun exposure you get, so make sure you consult an expert before adding a Vitamin D supplement to your daily routine. Some ways to get Vitamin D through your diet include: salmon, fatty fish, egg yolks, cheese (if tolerable), mushrooms.

Vitamin A is vital for so many different processes in the body. Most of us associate it with helping to maintain healthy vision, but it is also an important component to keeping your immune system healthy and functioning at an optimal level because it is involved in the production and function of white blood cells which help clear harmful bacteria and viruses from your bloodstream. You can find Vitamin A in foods such as: liver, cod liver oil, mackerel, salmon, sweet potato, winter squash, kale, collards, and carrots. If you chose to take a Vitamin A supplement again make sure that you do it under the supervision of an expert because too much can be detrimental to your health.

Zinc is another essential nutrient that is responsible for a healthy immune system. Zinc is used by the body to active T cells. T cells are used by the body to attack infected cells and destroy them which helps prevent the infected cells from replicating. Good sources of Zinc include seafood, pumpkin seeds, sea vegetables, beans, lentils, and legumes.

If you want to use supplements to increase your levels of Vitamins A,C,D we prefer the Liposomal Forms of the Vitamins because they have a high absorption rate. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water (1/2 of your body weight in Ounces every day), and spend time outdoors (especially here in Arizona) where you can get some fresh air and sun to help with your Vitamin D levels along with help to boost your overall mood and to reduce anxiety.

You want to make sure you are giving your body the right foods to keep your immune system strong and healthy such as lean proteins, organic fruits and vegetables, and healthy fats. You want to avoid sugars and processed boxed meals that will put extra stress on your body causing inflammation and putting unwanted stress on your immune system. This is not the time to be stress eating and compromising your immune system.

Finally keep up with or start chiropractic care in Scottsdale AZ. This will stimulate and support nervous system function and help regulate your immune system, relax the body, and keep you strong and healthy. If you have any questions or would like more information please feel free to contact us.

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