Text (Tech) Neck

Text (Tech) Neck

With pretty much everyone utilizing technology in some way or form in their daily lives we are seeing more and more patients come into our office with neck issues related to long term use of technology while not having the proper ergonomics. It has become so prevalent that the medical community has given it an official name (Tech Neck). Luckily for our patients here in Scottsdale Arizona and its surrounding communities we here at the Functional Wellness Center specialize in reversing the long term affects of this very common degenerative condition. With so many people using computers for the majority of their day without the proper work setup this condition can progress rapidly. With the advancements of cell phones and the addictive property that they possess, not to mention that almost all young people own one, and spend the majority looking straight down at them, we are seeing people as young as 12 with reversals of their cervical curve cause by theses. If you just look around and people watch for a while you will see the absolutely horrible posture people of all ages have while using their phones/laptops, and the length of time they stay in those bad postures. There have been some recent studies out of Australia that show what they have named a posterior horn staring to grow and calcify on the back of people’s heads as their body starts to adapt and try to figure out how to keep their heads in an upright position.


What we see as the major cause like mentioned before is the prolonged horrible postures that people put themselves into for extended periods of time. Technology seems to be the way of the world now so this condition is not going anywhere soon. Another common cause we see here at Functional Wellness Center is trauma such as a car accident or whiplash type injuries. When someone has a whiplash type trauma it can cause major long-term damage to the cervical spine including disc degeneration, disc herniation, loss of cervical curvature, and a lot of time they can all happen together. These patients can have many different complaints because of this trauma such as neck pain/tightness, upper/mid back pain, headaches (sometimes presenting as migraines), pain radiating down the arms and into the hands, weakness in the hands, and numbness and tingling in the arms and hands, and even low back pain, just to name a few. When someone is experiencing any of these symptoms it is imperative, they get the best treatment possible by a Chiropractor that is trained is Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP) as are the Chiropractors here at Functional Wellness Center in Scottsdale Arizona.


After being diagnosed with Text/Tech Neck there are some different treatments that you can use to help treat the condition. First if you are looking to just treat the symptom, such as pain, you can use over the counter medications such as Advil, Tylenol, Ibuprofen, etc. These medications help to decrease the inflammation caused by this condition. Although it is not recommended that you use these long term because of potential stomach, liver, and kidney damage they are still an option for immediate short term pain relief. You can also find a good massage therapist or physical therapist to help with any muscle issues and imbalances that have been caused by your neck going forward and losing your neck curvature. Fortunately for everyone in Arizona the doctors at the Functional Wellness Center have advanced training and years of experience dealing with the aftermath of this condition. We also have the proper equipment necessary to reverse the damage caused by text/tech neck and alleviate the associated symptoms. Functional Wellness Center possesses all the tools and equipment necessary to properly diagnose and treat this condition by remolding the cervical spine back into its proper alignment thus correcting the issue not just chasing the symptoms.

If you have any questions or would like to know if you have text/tech neck we would be happy to answer your concerns. Our treatments are individualized and are specific for every patient’s particular needs. We recommend that you always get evaluated sooner than later as this condition can progress rapidly and cause long term damage if not dealt with in a timely manner. If you would like more information on the doctors or the office, please visit our website at or call us at 480-588-2617.

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