Using Proven Chiropractic Techniques to Reduce Scar Tissue

Using Proven Chiropractic Techniques to Reduce Scar Tissue

If left untreated, fibrotic tissue called scar tissue can cause significant problems. Patients recovering from severe injuries often have to deal with the problems caused by scar tissue, such as restricted mobility and range of motion, or inability to stretch. Although scar tissue is a necessary evil in the healing process, sometimes it’s just the beginning of another rehabilitation stage.
While adjusting patients, chiropractors must take into account the presence of scar tissue. For patients recovering from injury, especially if the injury was traumatic, accounting for scar tissue is important. It might hinder the patient’s progress, require a change in treatment, or make it tough for the patient to stick to the plan. Most importantly, it may have an impact on how you design and execute a Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) recovery plan.

Breaking up scar tissue

The good news is that scar tissue can be broken up. Furthermore, scar tissue breaking up isn’t harmful to individuals – in some situations, it is actually essential to restore complete mobility or flexibility. While some scar tissue will always remain to indicate a wound, the softness and flexibility of that tissue can be treated. At Functional Wellness Center in Scottsdale Arizona, we have access to several techniques for breaking down scar tissue.

  • Gua Sha technique. Using instrumentation, chiropractors target areas of thicker scar tissue and scrape it to gently break it down. Gua Sha technique is useful for addressing scarring in prevalent soft-tissue areas, such as the legs, neck, and lower back.
  • Instrument adjustment. Chiropractors at Functional Wellness Center will use a special instrument, called an ArthroStim, to break up scar tissue in specific areas. This instrument quickly massages these areas to make the tissue more flexible and reduce stress.
  • Soft Tissue manipulation. This approach employs a soothing massage on the scar buildup area before palpating it manually. To relax the muscle tension, chiropractors may use TENS units or essential oils.
  •  Trigger point therapy. The trigger point therapy is effective in concentrating attention on severely scarred places of tissue, where accumulation is significant. Chiropractors concentrate on the breakdown of scar tissue and the testing of range of motion.
  • Therapeutic massage. Therapeutic massage is often given (or referred) to patients with widespread scar tissue by our chiropractors. This might help with blood flow to the afflicted regions and the softening of scar tissue. We have an excellent referral base to refer to if needed.
  •  Shockwave Therapy. We are one of the only offices in Arizona to have a shockwave machine. This machine creates a high-pressure sound wave that penetrates deep within the tissue to break up any adhesions or scar tissue. This procedure also increases blood flow to the area allowing a healing response to occur.

Whether or not these techniques will work depends on the individual and the severity of their scarring.

Our Chiropractors will pay attention to scar tissue during treatments

Old scars can often be felt during a physical examination, and they will show up on radiological images. The Chiropractors at the Functional Wellness Center will take note of these areas when formulating a Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) adjustment schedule. Scar tissue generally requires its own treatment, which may extend the CBP plan. It may also necessitate a more comprehensive adjustment strategy to help the body get used to it. Many of us have scar tissue, but what most don’t realize is that it can cause a number of other issues in the body, including spinal misalignments. At the Functional Wellness Center in Scottsdale Arizona, our doctors will get to the root cause of your issue and create a personalized treatment plan that will give you the best results possible.
If you are in the Scottsdale or Phoenix area and are looking for a chiropractor that can help you with your scar tissue, call the Functional Wellness Center today at (480) 874-3000.

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