What Should Your Spine Look Like

What Should Your Spine Look Like | Chiropractor in Scottsdale AZ

There’s a reason we say, “It’s the foundation of everything.” The spine provides structure, support, flexibility, shock absorption, and protection to the sensitive neural tissues such as the spinal cord. The brain is linked to the body via spinal cord and nerve roots, allowing all fundamental bodily processes to be controlled. Without the spine, we would not be able to move or execute with intention every day.

What Does the Proper Spinal Alignment Look Like?

To function properly, the spine must be well aligned. However, the spine can easily become out of sync with our daily activities, such as poor posture, uncomfortable movement patterns, and even injury. The end result of all this is that spine misalignment can impact several activities, and it may even lead to sickness or disease. If you want to figure out your alignment, you should consult a spine specialist such as the chiropractors at Functional Wellness Center in Scottsdale Arizona that are both certified in Chiropractic Biophysics.

However, there are a few simple methods to verify your spine alignment that don’t require sophisticated equipment.

  • Is the spine, hips, shoulders and knees aligned in the frontal (facing straight ahead) plane?
  • Exposing any spine rotation by bending forward and examining for a one-sided rib hump (also utilized for scoliosis screening)
  • From a side or sagittal perspective, the head, shoulders, and spine curves themselves line up – in general, a spine produces a modest “S” form.

These are simple measures to evaluate, but each person’s spine is different. This is why a professional evaluation by the doctors at Functional Wellness Center in Scottsdale Arizona is the most beneficial thing you can do for your spine alignment and general health.

Chiropractors are the Experts

Chiropractors are trained to identify and treat spine misalignment non-invasively, in particular chiropractors who have been certified in Chiropractic Biophysics, CBP providers are the true experts when it comes to sustainable spine alignment. The ideal approach to prevent, treat, and manage most common diseases is to use the spine as a pillar for good health. When your chiropractor has determined that spine alignment is a top priority, he or she can assist you discover additional treatments and lifestyle changes that may enhance your health.

Find a Chiropractic Biophysics Provider

CBP practitioners are in high demand across the United States. However, in most cases, there aren’t many of them across the country. As a result, if you live in an area with a Chiropractic Biophysics practitioner, such as the doctors at Functional Wellness Center in Scottsdale Arizona it is critical that you contact their office for assistance optimizing spinal health. You can contact our office at 480-874-3000 or visit our website at

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